Change Editor's Language Settings (更改网站编辑器的语言)

Finding a hard time using the editor in Chinese? SXL supports multiple language settings in website edtior. You can contact us to help you change your editor language settings. We support the languages below:

  • English 英文
  • French 法语
  • Spanish 西班牙语
  • Portuguese 葡萄牙语
  • Japanese 日语
  • Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • Transitional Chinese 繁体中文


Please send us a message from your SXL account email with the following information: 


Subject: Please change my editor's language to                        

  1. Account Name:
  2. Account Email/Phone number:
  3. Site URL/Domain:
  4. Plan/Subscription:




  • Languages settings change only applies to website editor, not dashboard, pricing page, knowledge base or mini program editor.
  • This feature just help you better use SXL's editor, but there are some texts are still in Chinese, or showing Strikingly (our international platform). For example: 



 Reach out to us at or chat with us if you need more help!